Stainless Steel Stairs Straight Wood Steel Stairs

               Stainless steel staircase straight wooden steel staircase1. Product Description: Size:1. Floor to floor height:customized as your job site2. Width:600 - 1800mm*Dimensions will vary according to measurements of stairs. Material:1. Beam:stainless steel / ca

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               Stainless steel staircase straight wooden steel staircase

1. Product Description:


1. Floor to floor height:

customized as your job site

2. Width:

600 - 1800mm

*Dimensions will vary according to measurements of stairs. 


1. Beam:

stainless steel / carbon steel

2. Tread:

laminated glass / solid wood

3. Handrail:

stainless steel / carbon steel / solid wood / PVC

4. Baluster:

stainless steel / carbon steel / aluminum

5. Rod:

stainless steel / carbon steel / aluminum

Component & Size (mm)

1. Beam:

square pipe beam / steel plate beam / round pipe beam

2. Tread thickness:

10+1.52+10mm or 12+1.52+12mm for glass tread;customized

30 - 38mm for solid wood tread

3. Handrail:

dia=50.8mm or square=50*50mm

4. Baluster:

dia=50.8mm / 38mm or square=50*50mm

5. Rod/Wire:


6. Glass:

10mm/12mm/15mm tempered glass or 6+1.52+6mm/8+1.52+8mm laminated glass


1. Stainless steel:

mirror / satin

2. Carbon steel:

hot dip galvanizing / powder coating / painting

3. Aluminum:

powder coating / galvanized / oxidize

4. Solid wood:


5. Glass:

round edge & polished edge


1. Beam:

woven bag

2. Tread:

plywood package for glass tread;

carton or plywood package for wood tread;

3. Handrail:

woven bag

4. Balutser:

carton package

5. Glass:

plywood package or solid wood package


1. Easy to install, only use screws to install;

2. Detailed installation instruction is available;

3. We also made video installation guide for reference;

4. We will here to support you all the time if needed;


residential, commercial, public project, interior & outside

Delivery Time:

45days after you pay the deposit and confirm the shop drawing


1. Varies of styles for your choice, we could also quote as your design if needed;

2. We have exported stairs to many countries, and very familiar to your building code;

3. Before shipment, we will also install first to make sure it's perfect;

4. No MOQ, even one stair is welcoming;

5. We will offer complete accessories and tools for your order, even screw is also included;

2. Product Display:
(1) Straight staircase:

Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase

(2) Floating staircase:
Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase
(3) Spiral staircase:
Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase
(4) Curved staircase:
Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase
(5) Wrought iron staircase:
Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase

3. Our Services:
(1) Free Design: Once the order confirmed and deposit received ,we will make a detailed shop drawing for you to confirm.

(2) On Time Delivery: 100% on time delivery after order confirmed.

(3) Price Match: Our products well match any genuine like for the quote.

(4) After-sales services: We could go to your site for installation or instruction if it is required. If any quality problems was caused by our side, we will compensate the amount or make the new ones for free.

4. Company Information:

PRIMA Industry is a professional manufacturer for customized hardware products mainly for staircases and railings. It is also a one-stop shop with other products including aluminium window and door, wooden door, shower products, flooring, tiles, or any other materials for decorating your houses or projects. We offer complete services from quotation to installation.

Established in July 2014, PRIMA's main goal is to help every customer save money and time. Our best customer service, high standard of production, competitive prices, as well as fully customized design are what make PRIMA so different than other suppliers in the business. With experience of working for house owners, developers, builders, designer and architect, PRIMA has exported products and services to more than 35 countries, USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, Maritious, Nigeria, etc.Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase

5. Factory & Showroom:
Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase
Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase


6. Package & Shipping:
Port: Shengzhen

PackingPlywood packages or as your request.

Shipping Details: 30-40 days after receipt of deposit and confirmation of shop drawings

Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase

7. Exhibition:
Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase

8. FAQ:

1. Which is better, powder coated vs.paint or primer?

A: Powder coating finishes are much tougher and thicker than traditional liquid paint or primers. And because they use no harsh solvents like paint, there is zero off gassing or foul chemical odors that frequently are associated with traditionally painted finishes. The bottom line, powder coating is tougher, longer lasting and doesn't smell. Far superior to painted finishes.

2.Can I get my stairs in custom colors?

A: Yes.

3.Can I get my stairs customized?

A: Yes, let us know your special requirements and we'll design something just for you!

4.What are some common IBC requirements?  

A: Common major differences are balusters (or pickets) must be no more than 4" on center spacing, treads must be no less than 7" high and 11" deep and handrails must be no less than 42" high. 


5.How can i get the price?
A: In order to prepare an estimate, all we ask is that you send us a drawing to estimate from.Typically we're looking for a floor plan style drawing with some labeled dimensions. The drawing does not have to be an official architectural drawing and could even just a hand skecth. Photos are always a tremendous help as well.


6.If we buy staircase from you, is it hard to install?  

A: All of our stair kits are designed for easy assembly and installation for both the professional contractor or the DIY homeowner. No special tools are required.


7.Are you able to arrange the shipment?  

A: Sure! We can offer different shipping routes.


8.Will you provide the shop drawing?  

A: Yes,We will make the shop drawing based on your request and measurements after the order confirmed.

Stainless Steel Staircase Straight Wooden Steel Staircase


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